The Story

In Good Company.

Dino+Associates was founded with the vision of establishing a single point contact for Architects and Interior Designers by uniting the disparate entities of the Product Manufacturers and Design Professionals -- Qualified Installers and General Contractors. By continually assembling a team of innovative Product Manufacturers and providing designers with the most unique architectural materials available our agency has earned the position as the most trusted source for fresh ideas in the Architectural & Interior materials world.

Dino+Associates is all about providing innovative products that help inspire Architects, Designers & Specialty Contractors. Our product collection helps to spark the imagination by pushing the limits of creativity, while helping to enrich lives and making the world a better place. 

Our product collection which reflects Florida’s discerning design culture helps to create exceptional environments that meet the most complex design challenges. They help to inspire Architects & Designers while also helping to shape the future. They transcend their initial purposes to help each project express timeless cultural, organizational and personal values.

Architects, Designers & Specialty Contractors who are setting the standards, pushing the limits of creativity and creating amazing spaces have come to rely on Dino+Associates to help spark their imagination with fresh ideas and new exciting products.