5 Unique Options for Interior Walls

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Wall panel systems combine appearance, utility, and versatility for an end result that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a busy designer trying to create both beauty and functionality in an interior space, then consider the advantages of using a wall panel system. 

As an all-in-one solution, wall panel systems are developed to your design specifications and delivered ready to install in a simple, snap-together fashion. The quick and simple installation process limits project downtime, which in turn reduces project costs and helps to maintain tight project schedules. The framework is built with tolerances to accommodate any out of square wall imperfections, ensuring the finished installation is custom fit. Additionally, the edge protection offered by the aluminum frame creates a polished appearance that will stand the test of time.

Wall Panel Systems offers enhanced design flexibility. The ability to select both your wall finish and desired frame finish ensures there is a solution to compliment any design. Mix and match your wall finishes for a truly distinctive look, the possibilities are endless.

Here are five trending interior wall panel finishes to help stir the imagination:

Architectural Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass creates enhanced design flexibility to achieve a wide range of design goals, with virtually unlimited architectural glass varieties: Back-Painted Glass, Colored Glass, Etched, Patterned, Textured, Mirrored, Grpahic Interlayer as some examples.

Solid Phenolic

Is an excellent choice for designers looking for a highly durable, impact resistant, low-maintenance option for public, high traffic buildings like terminals schools, retail and any facility where scuff marks, stains, and graffiti are everyday concerns. These panels offer both visual appeal and ease of care for a combination that will please even the most discriminating observers.

Decorative Resin Panels

Durable, light-transmitting resin medium that are amazingly adaptable and renewable. Scratch, fingerprint and stain resistant. 

GFRG Decorative Wall Panels

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG or GRG) is a white 'thin cast' alpha gypsum used to achieve modern and "organic" shapes on walls. 

Leather Wall Panels

Leather adds character and style to a wide range of wall and headboard applications. With more than 1,000 standard colorways the leather wall panels offer a refined alternative to vertical surfacing. Constructed of full grain leather wrapped around high performing standard or FR (Fire Rated) substrates.

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