GlasPro is able to fabricate decorative glass applications to a variety of shapes, finishes and colors, that stands out among the same old, same old at a very competitive price. GlasPro's decoartive-glass is a medium that fires the imaginations of leading architects and designers helping them create the most dynamic projects. 

Since GlasPro's collaboration with architects and designers begins at the conceptual design phase, and continues through all levels of the specification and installation, we have the knowledge and design prowess to help you design buildings that feature decorative glass that best fit your project's needs and budget; making your design stand out!

Examples of the limitless creativity that can be achieved with Glaspro's products and technology can be found in Las Vegas' most iconic landmarks. From original designs in glass ceilings, stairways and facades to intricate custom art pieces and multi chromatic light installations, the range of artistic expression Glaspro facilitates is wide and continues to expand the boundaries of what is possible.

The Mirage Casino Beatles Love Theater entrance, a Jean Rabasse design consisting of a 2" thick translucent floor curving into the wall and following up to the ceiling. High-definition projectors and LED lighting transform the entire structure into an exciting Cirque do Soleil experience. 

The Spin High Limits Slots room at Aria Casino designed by Peter Marino and developed by Glaspro Art Services featuring a single piece of original artwork spanning some 50 over-sized panels that make up the facade. 

The Elvis Theater at the Aria Casino featuring unique white glass ceilings panels that, when illuminated, crate a rainbow of colors overhead. 

The Cartier Showroom at the City Center in Las Vegas is a true work of art. It consists of over 200 unique CNC shaped panels, each an acid-etched, laminated, low-iron reflective glass, with custom art film to create a dynamic radiance, gradient and alternating shades

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