PRODUCT SHOWCASE... Privacy with a Flip of a Switch

Switchable Privacy Glass can provide you with the ultimate solution to the problem of balancing privacy while also maintaining the flow of light into an area.

Switchable Privacy Glass creates a surface which can transform from optically clear to translucent white at the flip of a switch. Ideal for institutional, commercial, healthcare and custom residential applications, providing a practical and aesthetic solution for any space.



When connected to a timer or computer, you can program the Privacy Glass to go clear or translucent even when you are not at home. 


Easy to clean & impervious to water.  Provides a unique, light-filled bathroom with privacy on demand.



Sensors & switches enable glass panels to alternate between clear and translucent.  Also, the glass can turned into screens on which images and presentations can be projected.


Switchable Privacy Glass can provide natural light and privacy into sensitive areas.  Glass partitions are a perfect alternative to conventional curtains in a variety of dental and medical applications.  


Switchable Privacy Glass is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and compositions.  Panels can be used as single switchable interior panels, such as wall partitions, door inserts, or full glass conference room doors.  It can also be incorporated into insulated exterior units, in a variety of overall thicknesses, for use as stationary picture windows and/or door inserts.  Tinted glass and LowE coatings are also available for added energy efficiency.  

Switchable Privacy Glass is manufactured by custom order to meet the projects unique specification.  Panels are commonly created in widths up to 60” and lengths up to 120” when necessary.


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