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Architectural façades are being increasingly used as platforms for new media communication. IMAGIC WEAVE® is a fusion of WS TYLER'S architectural woven wire mesh and the latest LED technology from Traxon Technologies. This unique transparent media façade system can transform airport buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers and other large buildings into exciting transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication. Be inspired by the possibilities of IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façades.


Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Lille France

For this extraordinary stadium, the Architect wanted the external view to be as exciting and distinctive as the inside. The elliptical main facade of the stadium is covered with 22,023 square feet of architectural woven wire mesh manufactured by Haver & Boecker the parent company of WS TYLER in the US.

The chosen weave type DOGLA-TRIO 1030 is not only functional but also aesthetically attractive. During the day the semi-transparent surface of the stainless steel wire mesh creates an elegantly gleaming appearance in the sunshine. The woven wire mesh is virtually maintenance-free, easy to clean, non-flammable and also offers sun protection. At the same time due to the open area of the wire mesh, the required ventilation to the stairwells and VIP-area is maintained.

The concept of the architectural team was to create a facade that in one moment fascinates with its elegance and clarity and in the next brings the stadium to life through atmospheric light and color. IMAGIC WEAVE enables the creation of individually programmable lighting effects in up to 16 million colors, from simple graphics to video.

Within the stadium's whole facade there are three different resolution areas: A rectangular high-resolution screen for promotional videos; an elongated medium resolution "ticker" style screen, and a large background screen with a low resolution, which can be used for graphics or creating various lighting moods.

Dino Ninassi