December Vignette - Winter Wonderland

From Bottom to Top, Left to Right

Glas-pro Marker+Magnetic Board - allows you to stick memos, documents, and presentation materials with magnets on a writeable surface utilizing dry erase pens.  Use as a direct application to wall, back-to-back laminated version for glass partitioning, and with wall attachments.

WS Tyler Architectural Woven Wire Mesh  - Alterna 6012 - Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of WS Tyler's architectural mesh, it offers new and versatile fields of applications in architecture. Exterior Facade, Ceilings, Interior Walls, Sun Protection, Acoustic and Media Facade. Renovations and New Construction.

LightBlocks Decorative Colored Resins (Blue & White Snowflake Samples) - Dynamic Colored Resin Panels.

Trespa Solid Phenolic - Virtuon Interior Collection - Trespa Solid Phenolic offers resilient and colorful products - an innovative interior solution engineered for exceptional performance in cleanliness, durability and design freedom. From healthcare facilities and public buildings to transport terminals and retail settings.

WS Tyler Architectural Woven Wire Mesh - Egla-Twin 4223 - Not only is Architectural Woven Wire mesh a durable and sustainable option, it is an incomparable aesthetic. Architectural mesh is versatile, unconventional, and remarkable.