November Vignette - Pumpkin Pie

From Bottom to Top...

Glas-Pro... Back Coated Glass

Formglas-Woodgrane... Alpha gypsum based material that replicates varieties of wood including mahogany, oak, walnut, teak and pine. It is pre-finished with a low VOC stain and washes that accentuate the textural detail and depth of the molded grain. Non-combustible Woodgrane parts may be cast in a wide range of shapes allowing for design possibilities that may not be practical when using real wood.

LightBlocks - Lightcast... Decorative Resin Panels

Formglas-MetalCast... Metal finish cast face with a gypsum composite backup. It is buffed to a lustrous sheen and has a soft glow that is akin to an antique or buffed, burnished cast metal. Elements are custom manufactured into any intricate shape.